Optimize your emails after they’ve been sent

LiveOptimizer automatically optimizes email content to increase engagement and maximize revenue. to get a free demo!

7.7% CTR
15.5% CTR
10.1% CTR
17.3% CTR
12.4% CTR
8.9% CTR

Optimize Your Content

LiveOptimizer performs A/B/n & multivariate testing on your emails. We discover what content your audience is engaging with and substitute the best image as early as possible.

Target the Audience you Want

Improve your email engagement and target the audience you want by sending tailored content to people opening emails on smart phones or tablets, or based on their location.

Get Actionable Analytics

Monitor your marketing performance from the moment you send. Our dashboard provides actionable analytics including engagement levels across locations, devices, and platforms.

The  AdStack  Stack

AdStack Stack

AdStack UI & Analytics

Our state-of-the-art UI makes optimizing your email campaigns easy and reporting analytics beautiful.

Real-Time Decision Engine

Maximize clickthrough rates by prioritizing the most performant content in real-time.

Hybrid CDN

Our content distribution network watches for changes in the decision engine and serves optimized content.

Device Targeting


Mobile Redirects


Launch your campaign in under 5 minutes

Upload your HTML email

Point and click at email content to be optimized

Upload multiple images to A/B/n test

Add landing pages to test conversions (optional)

Add mobile and geo-targeting (optional)

Send your optimized email