The Rise of Email

8 July 2013

Since the debut of Facebook in 2004, everyone has been discussing the power of social media and the value this medium is bringing to corporations around the world. Here’s something new, according to a report from Custora, “over the past four years, online retailers have quadrupled their rate of customers acquired through email by nearly 7 percent. In fact, the customer lifetime value acquired through Facebook is just 1% above average and is 23% lower than average for Twitter.”

Email is the best way to reach customers that will provide lifetime value. Meaning, if retailers want to reach new customers email is the best way to ensure these new customers will spend a significant amount of money long-term. Custora also found that customers who came from emails were nearly 11 percent more valuable than average. According to an article by Marcus Wohlsen on Wired, “Email has a certain unfair advantage in that shoppers getting the emails have already given up their addresses to a site, suggesting they already have some prior relationship with that retailer.”

Many marketers working in small businesses have had a hard time successfully launching a solid email program. This is due to the fact that email is resource intensive and time consuming. There are many services out there to help companies manage their email and tap into the value of the customers they reach through this portal. According to Forrester, the annual spend for email marketing is estimated to be approximately $2.46 billion in 2016, up $1.5 billion from last year. Marketers are adopting email as a viable channel because of available technologies and services, like AdStack.

For marketers who have established email programs but are looking to gain even more revenue from this channel use technologies like AdStack to increase their return-on-investment. Being able to optimize content in email after it has been sent gives marketers an opportunity to serve the highest performing content during an actual campaign, not afterwards.

If you are looking to launch or optimize email marketing, please get in touch!

— Lauren Keeley

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