We Sponsored the Optimization Summit 2013!

23 May 2013

This week AdStack traveled to the Optimization Summit 2013 in Boston where our COO, Dan Quintero coached a few sessions on conversion optimization. The Optimization Summit, organized by Marketing Sherpa, is a conference where marketers gather to learn, test, analyze and optimize their entire online marketing funnel. During the four days of hands-on training marketers learned how to create an optimization project plan, how to optimize web assets for more conversions, how to communicate clear and consistent values across all marketing channels and how to test long-term success.

Featured speakers at the conference included Peter Doucette from The Boston Globe, Toby Fallsgraff and Amelia Showalter from Obama for America and Shawn Burns from SAP. In addition to speakers, the optimization summit has hands-on sessions and coaching clinics. AdStack’s very own COO participated and conducted daily coaching sessions educating marketers on how to optimize email campaigns for more conversions.

Dan sat down one-on-one with marketers and gave them the following tips to help with conversion optimization:

  • It is critical to build a large sales funnel. Email marketing campaigns can be a great way to acquire more customers and grow your funnel.
  • Make sure you A/B/n test everything in your email: test CTA’s, test hero images, test copy, test images above the fold, test images below the fold.
  • Make sure you A/B/n test everything in your Landing pages: make the CTA clear, know your audience, make signups and checkouts simple and easy.
  • After you do all this, test, test, and test again!

If you need any help with conversion optimization don’t hesitate to contact us!

— Lauren Keeley

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