It's the Landing Page, Not the Traffic

1 August 2013

Many clients ask us how valuable creative is to the overall success of a campaign. The answer is the same every time; creative is the most crucial part of a successful campaign. However, we often see landing pages that are not optimized. The best way to get a customer to convert is to make sure your landing page has a clear call to action and has few steps to get a conversion. Below I have included some basic tips that marketers can adopt to improve their landing page conversion rate.

Keep it Simple.

The more concise and the more specific you can be, the better. When a potential lead comes to your landing page they are responding to a campaign. Do not confuse your lead by talking about multiple products. Instead, highlight just one product and show how to take immediate action. Be sure to use the following guidelines when trying to decide what content to put on a landing page:

  1. An attention-grabbing headliner
  2. A compelling visual
  3. Minimal copy
  4. A strong call to action
  5. A testimonial
  6. A link to a short list of frequently asked questions

Have Both a Strong and Clear Call to Action.

Make sure when your potential customer comes to your landing page that they understand exactly what to do and know what they will be getting.

Show, Don’t Tell.

By using a video or a power point deck to demonstrate what you are offering, your customers will be much more compelled to engage with content.

Fewer Options Means More Conversions.

Your landing page should focus on only one product, service or offer and there should be no options outside of your main call to action.

Track Everything So you can Optimize.

The ability to measure success is crucial. With technology like AdStack, you can automatically optimize landing pages on the fly. Additionally, real-time analytics and reporting can tell you the success of your campaign and can give you insight into your audience so you can improve performance.

— Lauren Keeley

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