Do Gmail's inbox changes mean death for email marketing?

22 August 2013

In short, the answer is no, Gmail’s inbox changes is not the end of email marketing. Rather, the new changes will improve the way brands communicate and interact with their consumers. Although there has been rumors that email is on the down and out, the truth is that over the past two decades email has remained a constant channel that brands use to communicate with consumers to help drive revenue. There are new strategies that marketers will need to adopt to take advantage of these changes:

1. Marketers will have an easier time reaching customers who actually want to buy their product

Commercial and marketing emails will automatically be moved into the promotions tab. This is a positive for email marketers because when consumers open up their promotions tab they have intent to purchase a product and are looking for offers from brands they are interested in.

2. Marketers will be able to send more email

Gmail has given brands the opportunity to engage their subscribes in a new way. Instead of fearing the dreaded spam folders, marketers can send their recipients as many emails as they desire to promote a sale or a new product.

3. Marketers will need to test out new optimization techniques

Now that all promotional content will be kept in a new tab, campaigns that include a time stamp, such as a two day sale, may not be as successful. This is because recipients get to choose when they want to open the promotions tab and look for new products and promotions. Marketers will need to test new types of promotions online as well as what time of day is the best to reach their desired audience.

— Lauren Keeley

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