Let's Makeover your Email

8 August 2013

Although email has been around since the early 1990’s, most email marketers have not evolved their campaigns to include optimized content. To truly have successful email campaigns, marketers need to test and tweak key elements of their emails to maximize their results. Often our clients mention that it is too time consuming and expensive to optimize email campaigns but there are easy things that marketers can implement to get better results.

Consistently tweak the creative, messaging and styling of the email.

Aim to keep your emails up-to-date with enticing product offers. Don’t just get stuck using one template; try out a few different styles and monitor your performance to figure out what format works best.

Subject lines are extremely crucial.

Having an enticing subject line can increase your open rate on a campaign. Personalized emails also can be really effective. By including the first name of the recipient or including an enticing and relevant deal in the subject line you can get better performance.

Include customer segments in your list.

By dividing up your list into different customer segments you can send each segment more personalized and relevant content.

Clean your list regularly.

Make sure the customers you are reaching are highly engaged with your content. If they are not engaged, you are wasting money sending irrelevant emails.

Be sure to optimize your email and track performance.

It is extremely important to test out what content is engaged with the most by your audience. By using a technology like AdStack, you can optimize content, see performance increase and begin to learn about the behavior of your audience.

— Lauren Keeley

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