Dedicated Email Equals Valuable Customers

15 August 2013

Let’s face the facts. There are a lot of direct response advertising options for marketers, even for those who have aggressive cost-per-acquisition goals. If you want to achieve a $1-$2 CPA, chances are there is a solution, but what you may not consider is the quality of the customers you are receiving. Wouldn’t it make sense to lower your CPA expectations to get customers who will actually purchase your product and continue to spend over an extended period of time? At AdStack we think yes, and that is why we consistently recommend dedicated email as a channel to acquire valuable leads to our customers.

Why dedicated email?

Unlike other forms of direct response advertising, email ensures that the people who are taking action are genuinely interested in your product/service. By sending a personalized message, a recipient must purposely engage with your content. There are no accidental clicks or conversions. Every response comes from an email that has been opened and read.

Why the higher price point?

Dedicated email is not like standard display, rich media or pre-roll. Dedicated email is its own unique marketing channel and because you are sending a message to a real person the price point is higher. You are not paying to be featured on a webpage but instead you are paying for an advertorial that will reach your desired customers inbox. This form of communication is high quality and with it comes a higher price tag.

How do I hit my conversion goals?

Dedicated blasts are still sold on a CPM basis and can reach a very sizeable audience. Some of the publishers we work with have lists of up to 1 million recipients. Email is a revenue generating channel because of high engagement rates that greatly outperform display. Because more people are clicking and converting you can reach CPA goals of around $2-5.

So what about customer value long-term?

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, email guarantees more valuable long-term customers. At AdStack, many of our clients have found that through dedicated sends the quality of a customer acquired is much higher. Often times customers acquired via email continue to spend over a six-month period.

If you have any questions about dedicated email and the value it can bring your customer do not hesitate to contact

— Lauren Keeley

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