Case Study: Publishers Clearing House

30 May 2013

Publishers Clearing House, a well-known direct marketer, provides sweepstakes for customers hoping to win millions of dollars. Email marketing, an important channel for the company, helps PCH build marketing lists and spread the word about their sweepstakes. PCH typically partners with online publishers who have strong loyal audiences. This way they can to tap into these publishers email lists to help promote their sweepstakes and connect winners with large cash prizes.

Vicky Hsu, Director of Online Marketing at PCH, wanted to increase email engagement and attract even more entries. She knew email optimization could increase clicks and conversions but with time constraints she needed an easy and efficient tool. After researching different options, PCH stumbled upon AdStack’s software and decided to try out the technology.

Vicky decided to use LiveOptimizer because of AdStack’s guarantee. When Vicky met with the team, what really caught her attention was that AtStack said they would not charge PCH unless there was at least a 5% improvement in clickthrough rate. This sealed the deal for Publisher Clearing House since AdStach had eliminated any risk around trying the software. Vicky also mentioned that the implementation process was simple and the actual software was user-friendly.

For PCH AdStack ran automatic tests, selected the winners and displayed an optimized email to each subscriber without effort from the team. Once subscribers began opening emails, the system instantly used device, browser and location data to identify optimal image content and deliver it in real time. AdStack was able to increase the average clickthrough rate of PCH’s emails by 33.9% helping them to earn more than 612,000 additional clicks.

Read more about the Publishers Clearing House case study in our white paper (pdf).

— Lauren Keeley

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