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20 June 2013

While most have heard of AdStack’s LiveOptimizer product, the tool that lets marketers optimize emails after they’ve been sent, AdStack also provides media services to help clients acquire more users. Whether you are looking for someone to think of a creative email marketing campaign, need help building optimized emails and landing pages or just want to be connected to premium publishers; AdStack provides end-to-end full email marketing services.

Please find a summary below of all the services we offer our clients:

Email Marketing Content Creation

If you are interested in running a sweepstakes campaign but not sure what your offer or promotional deal should be, let us put together an attractive offer. If you are looking to do high-end giveaways we can secure vendors for you as well.

Email Creative and Landing Page Creative

We have a seasoned team of email experts with over 6 years of experience in email marketing campaigns. We can build optimized emails that will have the best performance possible. Additionally, we can build and host optimized landing pages. Choose from one of our templates or work with us to build a custom page to fit your needs.

User Acquisition Through Premium Publishers Dedicated Email Blasts

Dedicated email blasts are a great way to drive user acquisition. AdStack has pre-existing relationships with hundreds of premium online publishers that have available dedicated email blasts for purchase. Send us the details of your campaign and we will send you a curated site list with competitive pricing options. Sending dedicated email blasts are a great way to get extremely high performance on your current campaigns. In comparison to other digital media, email out ranks standard display and rich media in performance.

If you are interested in any of the services that AdStack provides please contact us at

— Lauren Keeley

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