Is List Buying Beneficial for User Acquisition?

29 August 2013

Often clients come to us wanting a quick and easy fix to expand their list size so that they can grow their user base and increase their revenue. They have an idea that buying a list will cheaply get them the users they want. The reality is that lists that are cheap are cheap for a reason, and you can actually incur more of a risk by using your own email service provider to blast out a marketing message to a bunch of unknown email addresses. While some lists may be beneficial, often times they can lead to disaster.

Here are the risks you incur when purchasing a cheap email list: * Targeting people that are not interested in your product/service * Reaching email addresses that are inactive * Having your email go directly to the spam folder since you are sending an email to people who have not subscribed to your list * Getting your email service provider disabled because your sending out emails to non-trusted recipients * Wasting money, time and marketing efforts

— Lauren Keeley

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