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Is List Buying Beneficial for User Acquisition?

Often clients come to us wanting a quick and easy fix to expand their list size so that they can grow their user base and increase their revenue. They have an idea that buying a list will cheaply get them the users they want. The reality is that lists that are cheap are cheap for a reason, and you can actually incur more of a risk by using your own email service provider to blast out a marketing message to a bunch of unknown email addresses. While some lists may be beneficial, often times they can lead to disaster.

Here are the risks you incur when purchasing a cheap email list: * Targeting people that are not interested in your product/service * Reaching email addresses that are inactive * Having your email go directly to the spam folder since you are sending an email to people who have not subscribed to your list * Getting your email service provider disabled because your sending out emails to non-trusted recipients * Wasting money, time and marketing efforts

Comments  |  Posted by Lauren Keeley  |  29 August 2013

Do Gmail's inbox changes mean death for email marketing?

In short, the answer is no, Gmail’s inbox changes is not the end of email marketing. Rather, the new changes will improve the way brands communicate and interact with their consumers. Although there has been rumors that email is on the down and out, the truth is that over the past two decades email has remained a constant channel that brands use to communicate with consumers to help drive revenue. There are new strategies that marketers will need to adopt to take advantage of these changes:

1. Marketers will have an easier time reaching customers who actually want to buy their product

Commercial and marketing emails will automatically be moved into the promotions tab. This is a positive for email marketers because when consumers open up their promotions tab they have intent to purchase a product and are looking for offers from brands they are interested in.

2. Marketers will be able to send more email

Gmail has given brands the opportunity to engage their subscribes in a new way. Instead of fearing the dreaded spam folders, marketers can send their recipients as many emails as they desire to promote a sale or a new product.

3. Marketers will need to test out new optimization techniques

Now that all promotional content will be kept in a new tab, campaigns that include a time stamp, such as a two day sale, may not be as successful. This is because recipients get to choose when they want to open the promotions tab and look for new products and promotions. Marketers will need to test new types of promotions online as well as what time of day is the best to reach their desired audience.

Comments  |  Posted by Lauren Keeley  |  22 August 2013

Dedicated Email Equals Valuable Customers

Let’s face the facts. There are a lot of direct response advertising options for marketers, even for those who have aggressive cost-per-acquisition goals. If you want to achieve a $1-$2 CPA, chances are there is a solution, but what you may not consider is the quality of the customers you are receiving. Wouldn’t it make sense to lower your CPA expectations to get customers who will actually purchase your product and continue to spend over an extended period of time? At AdStack we think yes, and that is why we consistently recommend dedicated email as a channel to acquire valuable leads to our customers.

Why dedicated email?

Unlike other forms of direct response advertising, email ensures that the people who are taking action are genuinely interested in your product/service. By sending a personalized message, a recipient must purposely engage with your content. There are no accidental clicks or conversions. Every response comes from an email that has been opened and read.

Why the higher price point?

Dedicated email is not like standard display, rich media or pre-roll. Dedicated email is its own unique marketing channel and because you are sending a message to a real person the price point is higher. You are not paying to be featured on a webpage but instead you are paying for an advertorial that will reach your desired customers inbox. This form of communication is high quality and with it comes a higher price tag.

How do I hit my conversion goals?

Dedicated blasts are still sold on a CPM basis and can reach a very sizeable audience. Some of the publishers we work with have lists of up to 1 million recipients. Email is a revenue generating channel because of high engagement rates that greatly outperform display. Because more people are clicking and converting you can reach CPA goals of around $2-5.

So what about customer value long-term?

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, email guarantees more valuable long-term customers. At AdStack, many of our clients have found that through dedicated sends the quality of a customer acquired is much higher. Often times customers acquired via email continue to spend over a six-month period.

If you have any questions about dedicated email and the value it can bring your customer do not hesitate to contact

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Let's Makeover your Email

Although email has been around since the early 1990’s, most email marketers have not evolved their campaigns to include optimized content. To truly have successful email campaigns, marketers need to test and tweak key elements of their emails to maximize their results. Often our clients mention that it is too time consuming and expensive to optimize email campaigns but there are easy things that marketers can implement to get better results.

Consistently tweak the creative, messaging and styling of the email.

Aim to keep your emails up-to-date with enticing product offers. Don’t just get stuck using one template; try out a few different styles and monitor your performance to figure out what format works best.

Subject lines are extremely crucial.

Having an enticing subject line can increase your open rate on a campaign. Personalized emails also can be really effective. By including the first name of the recipient or including an enticing and relevant deal in the subject line you can get better performance.

Include customer segments in your list.

By dividing up your list into different customer segments you can send each segment more personalized and relevant content.

Clean your list regularly.

Make sure the customers you are reaching are highly engaged with your content. If they are not engaged, you are wasting money sending irrelevant emails.

Be sure to optimize your email and track performance.

It is extremely important to test out what content is engaged with the most by your audience. By using a technology like AdStack, you can optimize content, see performance increase and begin to learn about the behavior of your audience.

Comments  |  Posted by Lauren Keeley  |  8 August 2013

It's the Landing Page, Not the Traffic

Many clients ask us how valuable creative is to the overall success of a campaign. The answer is the same every time; creative is the most crucial part of a successful campaign. However, we often see landing pages that are not optimized. The best way to get a customer to convert is to make sure your landing page has a clear call to action and has few steps to get a conversion. Below I have included some basic tips that marketers can adopt to improve their landing page conversion rate.

Keep it Simple.

The more concise and the more specific you can be, the better. When a potential lead comes to your landing page they are responding to a campaign. Do not confuse your lead by talking about multiple products. Instead, highlight just one product and show how to take immediate action. Be sure to use the following guidelines when trying to decide what content to put on a landing page:

  1. An attention-grabbing headliner
  2. A compelling visual
  3. Minimal copy
  4. A strong call to action
  5. A testimonial
  6. A link to a short list of frequently asked questions

Have Both a Strong and Clear Call to Action.

Make sure when your potential customer comes to your landing page that they understand exactly what to do and know what they will be getting.

Show, Don’t Tell.

By using a video or a power point deck to demonstrate what you are offering, your customers will be much more compelled to engage with content.

Fewer Options Means More Conversions.

Your landing page should focus on only one product, service or offer and there should be no options outside of your main call to action.

Track Everything So you can Optimize.

The ability to measure success is crucial. With technology like AdStack, you can automatically optimize landing pages on the fly. Additionally, real-time analytics and reporting can tell you the success of your campaign and can give you insight into your audience so you can improve performance.

Comments  |  Posted by Lauren Keeley  |  1 August 2013

AdStack LiveOptimizer is now a part of ExactTarget HubExchange!

Today is a big day for AdStack; we are officially partners with ExactTarget. This is great news for AdStack because marketers will have more access to LiveOptimizer, a tool to ensure that customers are viewing the most relevant content in an email at the right time.

Through A/B/n and multivariate tests that analyze recipient engagement with email, LiveOptimizer will help marketers to achieve the best possible campaign performance resulting in a higher return on investment. With ExactTarget, marketers will get access to the LiveOptimizer app directly through HubExchange making integration simple and easy.

Even ExactTarget’s Vice President of Platform, and Developer Community, Ian Murdock, was excited over the news, “Together with companies like AdStack, ExactTarget is transforming digital marketing, providing marketers around the world with a powerful platform and ecosystem of integrated applications to create customer experiences that build loyalty and drive results.”

You can view the full press release here.

Comments  |  Posted by Lauren Keeley  |  22 July 2013

We Hosted our First Webinar

Exciting news, this week AdStack hosted its first webinar. At 9:30am PST Tuesday July 16, AdStack’s COO, Dan Quintero, spoke to marketers about how to use data-driven email technologies to boost engagement. The 30 minute webinar focused on best practices for email and landing page optimization as well as the advantages of using countdown timers and inserting live content from a website directly into an email. If you are interested in watching the recorded webinar please contact us.

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The Rise of Email

Since the debut of Facebook in 2004, everyone has been discussing the power of social media and the value this medium is bringing to corporations around the world. Here’s something new, according to a report from Custora, “over the past four years, online retailers have quadrupled their rate of customers acquired through email by nearly 7 percent. In fact, the customer lifetime value acquired through Facebook is just 1% above average and is 23% lower than average for Twitter.”

Email is the best way to reach customers that will provide lifetime value. Meaning, if retailers want to reach new customers email is the best way to ensure these new customers will spend a significant amount of money long-term. Custora also found that customers who came from emails were nearly 11 percent more valuable than average. According to an article by Marcus Wohlsen on Wired, “Email has a certain unfair advantage in that shoppers getting the emails have already given up their addresses to a site, suggesting they already have some prior relationship with that retailer.”

Many marketers working in small businesses have had a hard time successfully launching a solid email program. This is due to the fact that email is resource intensive and time consuming. There are many services out there to help companies manage their email and tap into the value of the customers they reach through this portal. According to Forrester, the annual spend for email marketing is estimated to be approximately $2.46 billion in 2016, up $1.5 billion from last year. Marketers are adopting email as a viable channel because of available technologies and services, like AdStack.

For marketers who have established email programs but are looking to gain even more revenue from this channel use technologies like AdStack to increase their return-on-investment. Being able to optimize content in email after it has been sent gives marketers an opportunity to serve the highest performing content during an actual campaign, not afterwards.

If you are looking to launch or optimize email marketing, please get in touch!

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We Are Hosting Our First Webinar!

Are you interested in learning how to boost email engagement through data driven technologies? If so, come attend our Webinar on Tuesday, July 16th at 9:30am PST. Dan Quintero, the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of AdStack, will be leading the conversation. Previously, Dan led business intelligence and user acquisition for one of the largest flash-sale companies; optimizing and executing tens of millions of dollars in media spend in email marketing.

Executing effective email campaigns can be difficult but there are many technologies in the marketplace that can help make marketers daily life easier. AdStack’s Webinar will focus on different strategies and data driven technologies that are available to marketers. Dan will be covering the following topics:

  • The Importance of the Sales Funnel
  • How to Best Optimize your Landing Page
  • How to Best Optimize your Email Creative
  • Available Data-Driven Technologies
  • Advantages of Data-Driven Technologies

If you would like to attend, please register for the Webinar. Hope you can make it!

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AdStack Provides Media Services

While most have heard of AdStack’s LiveOptimizer product, the tool that lets marketers optimize emails after they’ve been sent, AdStack also provides media services to help clients acquire more users. Whether you are looking for someone to think of a creative email marketing campaign, need help building optimized emails and landing pages or just want to be connected to premium publishers; AdStack provides end-to-end full email marketing services.

Please find a summary below of all the services we offer our clients:

Email Marketing Content Creation

If you are interested in running a sweepstakes campaign but not sure what your offer or promotional deal should be, let us put together an attractive offer. If you are looking to do high-end giveaways we can secure vendors for you as well.

Email Creative and Landing Page Creative

We have a seasoned team of email experts with over 6 years of experience in email marketing campaigns. We can build optimized emails that will have the best performance possible. Additionally, we can build and host optimized landing pages. Choose from one of our templates or work with us to build a custom page to fit your needs.

User Acquisition Through Premium Publishers Dedicated Email Blasts

Dedicated email blasts are a great way to drive user acquisition. AdStack has pre-existing relationships with hundreds of premium online publishers that have available dedicated email blasts for purchase. Send us the details of your campaign and we will send you a curated site list with competitive pricing options. Sending dedicated email blasts are a great way to get extremely high performance on your current campaigns. In comparison to other digital media, email out ranks standard display and rich media in performance.

If you are interested in any of the services that AdStack provides please contact us at

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AdStack Exhibits at IRCE, Chicago!

Last week AdStack exhibited at IRCE, the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition, in Chicago, Illinois. The conference is the biggest e-commerce conference in the world and from Tuesday-Friday over 9,000 people attended.


IRCE was a great conference to be a part of with more than 600 companies exhibiting. Each day multiple people stopped by the AdStack booth asking about our technology and wanting to incorporate LiveOptimizer into their current email program. People we spoke with were extremely impressed that we have developed a technology that lets users change the content of an email after it has already been sent.

In addition to the exhibition hall, great networking parties were thrown each night giving the exhibitors and attendees yet another opportunity to network and meet potential clients. On Wednesday night AdStack attended the networking event at the House of Blues where exhibitors and attendees gathered for dinner, drinks and a live performance by the Blue Brother’s.

The conference has already proven to be an excellent investment. So, until next time Chicago.

Comments  |  Posted by Lauren Keeley  |  13 June 2013

Case Study: Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House, a well-known direct marketer, provides sweepstakes for customers hoping to win millions of dollars. Email marketing, an important channel for the company, helps PCH build marketing lists and spread the word about their sweepstakes. PCH typically partners with online publishers who have strong loyal audiences. This way they can to tap into these publishers email lists to help promote their sweepstakes and connect winners with large cash prizes.

Vicky Hsu, Director of Online Marketing at PCH, wanted to increase email engagement and attract even more entries. She knew email optimization could increase clicks and conversions but with time constraints she needed an easy and efficient tool. After researching different options, PCH stumbled upon AdStack’s software and decided to try out the technology.

Vicky decided to use LiveOptimizer because of AdStack’s guarantee. When Vicky met with the team, what really caught her attention was that AtStack said they would not charge PCH unless there was at least a 5% improvement in clickthrough rate. This sealed the deal for Publisher Clearing House since AdStach had eliminated any risk around trying the software. Vicky also mentioned that the implementation process was simple and the actual software was user-friendly.

For PCH AdStack ran automatic tests, selected the winners and displayed an optimized email to each subscriber without effort from the team. Once subscribers began opening emails, the system instantly used device, browser and location data to identify optimal image content and deliver it in real time. AdStack was able to increase the average clickthrough rate of PCH’s emails by 33.9% helping them to earn more than 612,000 additional clicks.

Read more about the Publishers Clearing House case study in our white paper (pdf).

Comments  |  Posted by Lauren Keeley  |  30 May 2013

We Sponsored the Optimization Summit 2013!

This week AdStack traveled to the Optimization Summit 2013 in Boston where our COO, Dan Quintero coached a few sessions on conversion optimization. The Optimization Summit, organized by Marketing Sherpa, is a conference where marketers gather to learn, test, analyze and optimize their entire online marketing funnel. During the four days of hands-on training marketers learned how to create an optimization project plan, how to optimize web assets for more conversions, how to communicate clear and consistent values across all marketing channels and how to test long-term success.

Featured speakers at the conference included Peter Doucette from The Boston Globe, Toby Fallsgraff and Amelia Showalter from Obama for America and Shawn Burns from SAP. In addition to speakers, the optimization summit has hands-on sessions and coaching clinics. AdStack’s very own COO participated and conducted daily coaching sessions educating marketers on how to optimize email campaigns for more conversions.

Dan sat down one-on-one with marketers and gave them the following tips to help with conversion optimization:

  • It is critical to build a large sales funnel. Email marketing campaigns can be a great way to acquire more customers and grow your funnel.
  • Make sure you A/B/n test everything in your email: test CTA’s, test hero images, test copy, test images above the fold, test images below the fold.
  • Make sure you A/B/n test everything in your Landing pages: make the CTA clear, know your audience, make signups and checkouts simple and easy.
  • After you do all this, test, test, and test again!

If you need any help with conversion optimization don’t hesitate to contact us!

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It's Been Awhile, Let's Catch Up

It has been a busy and an exciting time for AdStack. The executive team has been attending events and expanding the team while engineering has made new strides in product design and development. In this month alone AdStack CEO, Evan Reiser, attended the Email Insider Summit on Amelia Island in Florida, two new hires were made and a new version of the AdStack app was launched.

On Saturday May 4th, Evan spoke on the “real-time inbox” panel at MediaPosts’ Email Insider Summit in Florida. Moderated by Alyssa Nahatis, Director of Deliverability at Neolane, the panel focused on the importance of using technology to make decisions in real-time to improve email engagement. Other panelists included Jordan Cohen, VP of Marketing at Movable Ink, Paige Henke, Manager of Digital CRM at Verizon Wireless and Geri Weltz, Director of Email Marketing at The majority of the discussion focused on current technology opportunities, like AdStack, which allows email content to change based on end users interaction. Although marketers know this technology exists and has a proven ROI, adoption rates have been slow.

AdStack added two additional members to the team this past month. Lauren Keeley comes to AdStack from Martini Media where she was a Product Marketing Manager for a data as a service audience insights and buying tool. At AdStack, Lauren manages media relations and marketing and is currently working on building out a new product. Nikita Kouevda is joining AdStack for the summer and will be assisting the engineering team. He is currently enrolled at University of California at Berkeley and is majoring in computer science.

This week, AdStack launched a new version of the app. The dashboard got a make over, making it easier for customers to search for campaigns and interpret their campaign data. Customers will still upload campaigns in the same fashion but the over all look and the design of the app is more user-friendly.

Check back next week to find out what new and exciting things are going on at AdStack!

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New Website & Branding

Hi, I’m Dali Zheng, the new front-end engineer / designer at AdStack. My first task has been rebranding the company, starting with the website. Rather than coming up with some superficial graphics, I started by focusing on the essence of the company’s offerings, blending new techniques in digital marketing with the tried and true email protocol. From this perspective emerged an aesthetic grounded in old school, direct response print advertising & 18th century typography, brought into the future with modern typefaces and responsive design.

This site is distributed via GitHub Pages and the full source code is available on GitHub.

Comments  |  Posted by Dali Zheng  |  15 February 2013

Vendor HotSeat at Ad:Tech New York

Operative’s Op-Ed took their Vendor Hot Seat series on the road to ad:tech NYC, asking ad tech vendors to answer our five questions not in writing, but on camera.

AdStack’s co-founder and director of business development, Dan Quintero, answered these five questions below.

  1. How do you help publishers make money?
  2. What’s your pricing model?
  3. How are you different from your competitors?
  4. What are the titles of people who use your product, and how do they use it?
  5. What would Randall Rothenberg say about your company?

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AdStack on Everything Internet Radio Show

Check out an interview with AdStack Co-Founder, Dan Quintero, on the Everything Internet Radio Show.

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AdStack at Dreamforce 2012

San Francisco has been totally packed this week for Dreamforce. AdStack was thrilled to meet so many awesome people.

Thank you to Dyn for hosting an awesome mixer on Wednesday night!

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